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Black Flag from Khurassan

The following are the Hadeeths, I do not know of their authenticity though:

Reported on a chain of transmission on the authority of Kaab "The sign of the Mahdi's appearance will be war banners coming from the west, lead by a man with a disability from "Kinda".
(Nuaym son of Hammad, Al-Fitan page 205)

Abu Abdullah Nuaim Ibn Hammad on a chain of transmission on the authority of Al Zuhari who said "The black flags will come from the East, led by mighty men, with long hair and beards, their surnames are taken from the names of their home towns (i.e. Khosti or from Khost etc.) and their first names are from a "Kunya".
(Asmal Masalik Lieyyam Mahdiyy Maliki Li Kull-id Dunya Biemrillah-il Malik, Qalda bin Zayd)

Narrated Abdullah ibn Hawalah al-Azdi: "The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) sent us on foot to get spoil, but we returned without getting any. When he saw the signs of distress on our faces, he stood up on our faces and said: O Allah, do not put them under my care, for I would be too weak to care for them; do not put them in care of themselves, for they would be incapable of that, and do not put them in the care of men, for they would choose the best things for themselves. He then placed his hand on my head and said: Ibn Hawalah, when you see the caliphate has settled in the holy land (i.e., Palestine), earthquakes, sorrows and serious matters will have drawn near and on that day the Last Hour will be nearer to mankind than this hand of mine is to your head.
(Translation of Sunan Abu-Dawud, Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad), Book 14, Number 2529)

Ammar, the son of Yasir, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said: "When As-Sufyaani reaches Kufa and kills the supporters of the family of Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, the Mahdi will come and the bearer of his Banner will be Shuayb, the son of Salih."

Nuaim Ibn Hammad on a chain of transmission on the authority of Al Zuhari who said, "If the people of the black flag divide, then the people of the yellow banner will attack, they will gather in the canal of Egypt and the people of the East and the West will fight for seven (days or months or years)..."
(Asmal Masalik Lieyyam Mahdiyy Maliki Li Kull-id Dunya Biemrillah-il Malik,
Qalda bin Zayd)

Muhammad, son of Al Hanaffia, said:"The Black Banners will come out for the children of Al Abbas. The other black banners will come from Khurasan. Their turbans will be black and their clothes white. At their front will be a man named Shuayb, the son of Salih, from Tamim. They will defeat the companions of The Sufyaani until he comes to the House of Jerusalem where he will establish his power for the Mahdi, and he will be supplied with three hundred (men) from Syria after his arrival and the matter will be settled for the Mahdi in seventy-two months (six years)."

Said son of Al Musayyab reported: "The Black Banners will come from the East from the children of Al Abbas. Then there will remain whatsoever Allah wishes. Then, small Black Banners will come to fight a man from the children of Abu Sufyaan from the East. They will give their allegiance to the Mahdi."
(Nuaym son of Hammad.)

Al Hasan Al Basri said:
"A man of medium stature will come from Ar-Ray (a far-eastern town). He will be dark and from the children of Tamim -- a Wasaj, named Shuayb son of Salih with four thousand men. Their clothes will be white and Banners black, and at his front is the Mahdi. He meets no one that he does not defeat and scatter."

Abdullah, the son of Shuraykh, said:
"With the Mahdi is the marked Banner of the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him."

Ammar, the son of Yasir, may Allah be pleased with both of them, said:
"The bearer of the Banner of the Mahdi is Shuayb, the son of Salih."

Reported by Abu Said Al Khudri: "A man from my nation will come who speaks with my Sunnah and Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified will send showers of rain from the heavens so that the earth will produce its blessing. Through him the earth will be filled with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by oppression and injustice. He will govern this nation for seven years, and go to Jerusalem."
(Abu Dawud, Al Hakim, At-Tirmidhi, Ahmad, son of Hibban, Muslim, Al Tabarani, Al Barudi and Abu Nuaym)

On the authority of Thawban, the Messenger of Allah (upon whom be blessings and peace) said:The Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam said: "Before your treasure, three will kill each other -- all of them are sons of a different caliph but none will be the recipient. Then the Black Banners will appear from the East and they will kill you in a way that has never before been done by a nation."
Thawban, a companion said: 'Then he said something that I do not remember by heart' then continued to say that the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said: "If you see him give him your allegiance, even if you have to crawl over ice, because surely he is the Caliph of Allah, the Mahdi. If you see the black (meaning war) flags coming from Khurasan (Afghanistan), join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice, for this is the army of the Caliph, the Mahdi and no one can stop that army until it reaches Jerusalem."
(Son of Majah, Al Busiri, Al Hakim, Ahmad Nuaym, Ad-Daylami, Hasan, son of Sufyaan, and Abu Nuaym.)

Related by Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam said: "(Armies carrying) black flags will come from Khurasan (Afghanistan). No power will be able to stop them and they will finally reach Jerusalem where they will erect their flags." (Tirmidhi)

Ali said, “The Prophet said, ‘A man named al-Harith son of Hirath will come from Transoxania (Tajikistan). His army will be led by a man named Mansoor. He will be pave the way for and establish the government of the family of Muhammad, just as the Quraysh established the government of the Messenger of Allah. Every believer will be obliged to support them.’” (Abu-Dawud.)

Buraidah says that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: "There will be many armies after me. You must join that army which will come from Khurasaan." (Ibn Adi)

Abu Hurairah says that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: "(Armies carrying) black flags will come from Khurasaan. No power will be able to stop them and they will finally reach Eela (Baitul Maqdas) where they will erect their flags."
"You must speak the truth for the truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to Paradise....Keep away from the lie for the lie leads to evil and evil leads to the Hell Fire..."

All praises be to Allah. Peace and blessings upon the beloved Prophet.

Salaam alaikum

Thank you for your question.

The hadithS regarding the armies of the Black Flags of Khorosan are controversial and have differing interpretations.

Abd Allah ibn al-Harith ibn Juz al-Zubaydi said, The Prophet said, A people will come out of the East who will pave the way for the Mahdi. (Ibn Majah.)
[ According to Ibn Majah, there are narrators in this sanad that are da`if]

"Abd Allah said, Whilst we were with the Prophet, some young men from Banu Hashim approached us. When the Prophet saw them, his eyes filled with tears and the colour of his face changed. I said, We can see something has changed in your face, and it upsets us. The Prophet said, We are the people of a Household for whom Allah has chosen the Hereafter rather than this world. The people of my Household (Ahl al-Bayt) will suffer a great deal after my death, and will be persecuted until a people carrying black banners will come out of the east. They will instruct the people to do good, but the people will refuse; they will fight until they are victorious, and the people do as they asked, but they will not accept it from them until they hand over power to a man from my household. Then the earth will be filled with fairness, just as it had been filled with injustice. If any of you live to see this, you should go to him even if you have to crawl across ice.

This text refers to the rule of the Abbasids, as we have mentioned above in the text referring to the beginning of their rule in 132 AH. It also indicates that the Mahdi will appear after the Abbasids, and that he will be one of the Ahl al-Bayt, a descendant of Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet, through Hasan, not Husayn, as mentioned in the Hadith from Ali ibn Abi Talib; and Allah knows best.

Thwaban said, The Prophet said, Three men will be killed at the place where your treasure is. Each of them will be the son of a Khalifah, and none of them will get hold of the treasure. Then the black banners will come out of the East, and they will slaughter you in a way which has never been seen before. Then he said something which I do not remember; then, If you see him, go and give him your allegiance, even if you have to crawl over ice, because he is the Khalifah of Allah, the Mahdi. (Ibn Majah.)

The treasure referred to in this text is the treasure of the Kabah. Towards the end of time, three of the sons of the Khalifahs will fight to get hold of it, until the Mahdi appears. He will appear from the East, not from the tunnel of Samarra, as the Shiah claim; they believe that he is in this tunnel now, and they are waiting for him to emerge at the end of time. There is no evidence for it in any book or Sahih tradition, and there is no benefit in believing this.

The truth of the matter is that the Mahdi whose coming is promised at the end of time will appear from the East, and people will swear allegiance to him at the Kabah, as some Ahadith indicate.

At the time of the Mahdi, there will be peace and prosperity, with abundant crops and wealth, strong rulers, and Islam will be well-established.

Abu Said said, By Allah every ruler we have had has been worse than the previous one, and every year has been worse than the year before, but I heard the Prophet say, Among your rulers will be one who will give out wealth freely, without counting it. A man will come and ask him for money, and he will say Take; the man will spread his cloak out and the ruler will pour money into it. The Prophet spread out a thick cloak he had been wearing, to demonstrate the mans actions; then he gathered it up by its corners and said, Then the man will take it and leave. (Ahmad.) "

From Ibn Kathir's (rh) work The Signs Before the Day of Judgement.

How and when the people of the east , ie. khorasan arrive in the timeline is disputed. It should be known that just as there are hadith that the army of khorasan will emerge that cannot be stopped is mentioned, so too are there indications that the Dajjal will emerge from Isfahan and receive backing and support from the people of khorasan.

Ibn Majah (rh) reported that Abu Bakr as Sadiq (raah) is reported to have said: "Allah's Messenger (saaw) narrated to us that the Dajjal would appear from the land in the east called Khurasan. Many people would follow him even if their faces are shields clad with sinew one above another."

But there are daif ahadith describing those who carry the black standard from the east to usher in the Mahdi.

Will the Black Flags of Khurasan be the army that ushers in the Mahdi and the return of the khilafah state?

What's obligatory for the Ummah is to work to resume the khilafah state. The people have to call for the return of the khilafah and know what it means for them, their families, and the society. There is no hadith which I know of which says that al Mahdi is the one who resumes the khilafah rashiduun. Instead, the hadith regarding the khilafah rashiduun are separate. Thus, its just as likely that the Ummah works to resume the khilafah, knows what it means, is prepared for it, and resumes the khilafah rashiduun on their own.

And as the khilafah struggles with the problems of the day- Israel, the kufar armies, the Muslim armies of nationalism resisting the khilafah, etc, and as the problems mount against her, the Mahdi returns insha Allah.
The return of the Mahdi will be a test for the Muslims as well, seeing who will give bay`ah and who will run away.
Its just speculation, but HT members expect, from a political analysis perspective, that at the time of the resumption if the khilafah state, there will Muslim rulers who pretend to be khulafah, and who will invoke nationalism (ie. like Egyptian nationalism was invoked recently) to resist the khilafah state. It is just as likely that America and Israel will command these nationalist armies to attack the newly formed khilafah state.
The return of the khilafah rashiduun will be resisted by Muslim rulers and their armies as well as the kufar. Will the black flags from the east, ie. Khorasan, come to support the khilafah rashiduun and defeat the armies of the enemies of the khilafah?
And will the death of the first khalifah be followed by the appearance of the Mahdi who will call forth the unification of the Muslim Ummah?

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