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Concept of Nur Muhammad in the Malay World

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

نحمده ونصلى على رسوله الكريم




Muhammad 'Uthman El-MUHAMMADY (UEM)

This paper insha 'Allah will discuss the concept of "Nur Muhammad" as contained in several Malay World Islamic texts such as the text of Nur al-Din al-Raniri, Zain al-Shaykh al-Fatani'Abidin, among others, may Allah have mercy on them everything. It will also be given attention to the "Madarij al-Su'ud" in Arabic, written by al-Nawawi Banteni, rahimahu'Llahu Exalted. Observations will be given based on the sources of interpretation and Hadith venerated among Ahlis-Sunnah wal-jama'ah.With these thoughts are not expected and not a sweet wine of our scholars will be eliminated, and we cultured them as required in the hadith "al-din al-nasihah" in relation to the 'a'immatul-Muslims', such as that described muhaddithin by al-Imam al-Nawawi as rd. Obviously this is a necessity in the glory of the Prophet shows that not only "Basyar" or people who come from the land like the sons of Adam. This is apart from the needs of our search for clarity and truth in science.

This author is aware of his non-expert in this field depends on the user texts of Sunni scholars in the relevant field and reprimand those who really need an expert in it. Hopefully we are we really know him, love him and so we love to God and receive mercy. Amen.

Book Shaykh Nur al-Din al-Raniri rh

Shaykh Nur al-Din al-Raniri write about this topic in his book, Bad 'al-Khalq wa al-Ard Samawat printed on the side of the book of Taj al-Muluk (no date). (See article this writer "the jurists & CosmologyShe scholars in the Malay mind ", in Malay cosmology, maintenance Yaacob Harun, Academy of Malay Studies, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 2001, hal.10-22). Among the verses mentioned in it are the famous Classification of hadith which means: "I was hidden treasures, and I love that I called, so I made a creature, then they recognize him." (Bad 'al-Khalq Samawat wa al-Ard, p. 10).. Also dinukilnya hadith means: "Allah bringing the spirit of the prophets and He makes the natural essence of the soul of Muhammad saw them "(ibid. 10). That he makes the prophet of the soul does not exist on any of the sides, not mean that part of the spirit of God as a prophet. Dinukilnya hadith which means: "I (Prophet) of Allah, and who believe me." (ibid. 10). dihuraikannya as its own means that the prophets were the first creatures to be God, and dear God made believers out of his (ie of nurnya). (ibid., pp. 10). The memory of hadith he says: "I (God) made all things for you (O Muhammad) and I have made you keranaKu" (ibid. 10).Also dinukilkannya hadith which means "Were it not for you dear I do not make this space." (Ibid. 11). He is mentioned hadith that says: "I have been a prophet although Adam was between water and land" (ibid. 11).

Then he cited the hadith Muhammad Nur. Among them are the means: "The very beginning God created the mind" (ibid. 11), and that means: "The very beginning God created the al-Qalam" (ibid. 11), and that means: "Things are beginning God created all that is soul-spirit" (ibid. 11). He describes that sense, pens, and the soul of Muhammad is the incident light as he saw it from the hadith is mentioned he says: "The very beginning God created the nurku" (ibid. 11). Dinukilkannya also hadith that says: "The earliest ruhku as God is." (Ibid. 11).

By Shaykh Nur al-Din, Nur Muhammad is God made of the beam Nur AhadiahNya, is the fact that he nukilkan al-Manzum which means:"Have berdempeklah nature and nature Jalal Jamal, it is the nature of ghaliblah Jamal Jalal, the God of the two properties as the Spirit of Muhammad, that the 'adam to exist (from there to there - UEM) (Bad' al-Khalq wa Samawat al-Ard.12). We need to state that such a creature as well, rather than the connection of the substance or Personal God, because if so there are two of kin, and it kesyirikan.

He said that after Allah created Muhammad Nur Muhammad, or the Spirit that he look upon him with a glance Mahabbah or love, so he was embarrassed and sweaty, the sweat that made the soul-spirit Anbia dear, dear life Aulia and the righteous believers, and the dear life believing that the righteous believers dear life as the impious, of believing that evil dear life as believers are hypocrites and the unbelievers. (Ibid. 13).

And made out of human life is human life dear angel, and of angels spirits dear life, and the devil in them dear life, and the devil lives of animals and gentlemen, and gentlemen of the animal life of plants, each with the dignity that exceed the other;Be with all types of plants breath and all the elements of air, fire, water and wind (ibid. 13).

Then he mentions how God will watch with divination haibah, Destroyed it, some of the water, a fire that scorched some water, get out the smoke, rising into the sky, God of the seven heavens. After that, there is the balance remaining, made from the sun, moon, and stars. (Ibid.13). And so on.

He also left us with another history, the famous, that God made sepohon wood with four branches, called Syajaratul-Yaqin. Then as Nur Muhammad in the form of a peacock, is placed on the tree, and so it exalt Allah for seventy thousand years. If it looks too beautiful peacock apparently, with beautiful feathers, and the other five times he fell down prostrate, prostrate then be five prayers are obligatory upon the people of Muhammad

Then told that God made a chandelier of red agate. (Ibid. 15).

Then Shaykh Nur al-Din mentions cited a history of Nur Muhammad in the form of a peacock

Book "Kashf al-Ghaibiyyah" by Zain al-al-Fatani'Abidin rh:

Jawi is popular among book as a reference is the book "Kashf al-Ghaibiyyah"

In the book "Kashf al-Ghaibiyyah" (based on his original composition "Press Daqa'iq fi al-Dhikr al-Jannah wa al-Nar" by Imam 'Abd al-Rahim ibn Ahmad al-Qadhi, and the book "al-Hisan Durar" written by al-Suyuti, and "Mashariq al-Anwar" by Shaikh Hasan al-'Adawi among others), Zain al-Shaykh al-Fatani'Abidin rh (Maktabah Matba'ah wa dar al-Ma'arif, Pulau Pinang, tt) This book was written by him in 1301 AH. On page 3 ff. early chapters are concerned with the creation of the supreme spirit (al-Ruh al-A'zam), the light of our Prophet Muhammad 'Alaihis-salatu was-salam. He said:

"There came the news of the most high God that he would have become one of four branches of the trees, which then will he named al-Muttaqin Syajarat (Tree For those who do right), and in some history Shajarah al-Yaqin (Basic Beliefs) , then it would have to be Nur Muhammad in the hijab from a very white stones seu (m) Pama way peacocks and sent it to him on this tree, then by Nur tasbihlah say that the tree was the seventy-thousand years , then the mirror will then be sent to her genitals with berhadapannya, then watch the peacock when it looked in the mirror it will seem especially beautiful jewelry and prior conduct, then the shame is the most high God, then it is sweating and the point of the six points , it became the most high God from the first point is the soul of Abu Bakr radiya'Llahu 'anhu, and from the second point would be the spirit of' Umar radiya'llahu 'anhu and the third point would be the spirit of' Uthman radiya'Llahu 'anhu , and the fourth point would be the spirit of 'Ali radiya'Llahu' anhu, and the fifth point would be the rose tree and the sixth point would be rice "(p. 3).

Then referred to how Nur Muhammad fell five times, thus, become obligatory bow, and enjoined five prayers on Muhammad and ummatnya time. He then referred to the divine light, and so it embarrassment, sweating because of shame. From the sweat of his nose God created the angels, from the sweat of his face Allah created the Throne, Chair, down the tablets and the Pen, the sun, moon, hijab, the stars, and items that are in the heavens. From the sweat of his chest as Anbia, Mursalin, scholars, martyrs and Solihin. From the sweat behind as Bait al-ma'mur, Kaaba, Bait al-Jerusalem, the mosques and all places in the world. (Pp. 3-4).

Mentioned a number of events rather than sweat it:
  • Of the two eyebrows sweat: faithful and believing the people of Muhammad;
  • Of the two ears sweat: Jewish and Christian souls, and Zoroastrianism, the Mulhid and denying the truth disobedience, HYPOCRITES.
  • From the sweat of two feet: the earth, from East and West and is in it (p. 4)

He then ruled that the light is forward looking, before it is light, the light is right and left. They were Abu Bakr, 'Umar,' Uthman and 'Ali.Then Nur exalt it for seventy thousand years.

Says the author: made light of the Anbia of Nur Muhammad; means the spirits are made from the sweat Anbia Muhammad's soul, and spirit are made of all the people of sweat Anbia Anbia their spirits.

Then it is narrated that Allah has created a chandelier of red carnelian, who will apparently be seen from the inside, and then used this as his way in this world, then placed in the candlestick, stood him in it as stand in prayer, and then traveled Anbia and all other spirits around the chandelier nur Muhammad 'Alaihis-salam, and thank tahlil exalt them for a hundred thousand years later God sent the spirit of the divine to him, the divine to be the caliph and the sultan's head of all creation, the divine the forehead to just amir; the two eyes to watch the word of Allah hafiz, who saw the two eyebrows to draw builders, who see the two ears, it is claimed to hear and receive (teaching), the two-cheek look at it is to do good and sensible ; the two lips of her mouth to see those great kings.The nose to see a judge and a physician and sellers odors. A look at the mouth to the fasting. And so on to look at certain members, pass the person has certain characteristics that day. For example, a look at his chest to the wise, noble and mujtahid. (P. 5). And those who do not consider him something and it is claimed to be God, as Pharaoh and the like. (P. 5).

He cited the hadith Classification

I was hidden treasures and I will be introduced to me and I made all the creatures that are familiar to me. (P. 6)

Then he mentions the Prophet's hadith

Means that the early articles of the most high God made it and on a history nurku ruhku. This author said: So is this the worlds as Allah Most High subhanahu light of reason, as Muhammad was attempted. Then he mentions is haditrh Classification:

Meaning: I have made all these things for you, O Muhammad, and I made it because I will be with you, that made light of Muhammad, beyond a medium whatsoever. (P. 6)

Through a well-known book is spread understanding of the concept of Nur Muhammad among Muslims over here.

The next chapter is about the creation of Adam (p. 6 ff).

Kaukab al-Kitab al-Durri fi al-Nur al-Muhammadi by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Isma'il al-Fatani rh David

This Book (al-Fattaniyyah Treasury issues, Kuala Lumpur, 2001). Book is written by the author in the year 1304 AH, in Mecca, speak of the title of the page 2-7. Contents based on the history of Ka'b al-Press, as there is in the book "Kashf al-Ghaibiyyah" by Zain al-Shaykh al-Fatani'Abidin. Among the information are: God's clutching a handful of NurNya, ordered it to Muhammad, it was Muhammad, he became a pillar, he bowed to Allah, the light is divided into four division, the first to down the tablets, the second the Pen, the Pen to write orders, up to people of the prophets, the faithful and the fallen, with their consequences. As mentioned the history of those who see the light at certain parts and it is having certain characteristics. Nurnya made of all creation. He ended by saying the prayer with the letter the name being Ahmad and Muhammad, standing qiyam like alif, bowing like ha 'mim such prostration, sitting like a dal.Also said to be made on the appearance of the letter the name of Muhammad, the head is round like a mim, two hands like a ha ', belly like a mim, two legs like a dal.

Book "Daqa'iq Press fi Dhikr al-al-jannah wa al-Nar" Malay translation by Shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad Yunus Rare:

Book is translated by him in 1312 AH in Makkah previously published by dar Ihya 'al-al-'Arabiyyah Pole, Egypt. Then it was published by Maktabah matba'ah wa al-Ma'arif, Penang, without date. The contents of this book is concerned with the light of Muhammad, the origin and nature, how all of it is being used as mentioned by Shaykh Zain al-'Abidin in "al-Ghaibiyah Kasshf" This book makes it as one of its resources, as stated in the beginning of his book. The contents of the first chapter of what is in the book of this translation.

Book Madarij Su'ud by al-Nawawi al-Bantani rh

Book, "al-Su'ud Madarij ila 'ktisa' al-Burud", in Arabic, lectures on the book "Mawlid al-Barzanji. In mensyarahkan the words in "al-Barzanji" thing.2-3 (Surabaya, without date, and Singapore, no date) means "All praise be to Allah, the opening (all) there is the Nur Muhammad ('al-Nur al-Muhammadi") that flows in every case ( ditakdirkannya matter of the most high God before He made the heavens and the earth for fifty thousand years.

Then Shaykh Nawawi said again cited rh Ka'b al-Allah meredhainya Press: "If Allah wants to make all creation and the earth and establish mengamparkan sky, he took out nurNya segempal Muhammad, saying" Be you, and it is a pillar of light and brilliant shine up until the hijab zulmah then he bowed, saying: Al-hamdulillah, then said that I made for you and your name Muhammad, of thee I started creating and (with you) I mengkhatamkan dear Prophet and Allah the Most High divided nurnya into four parts, made of a first down the tablets of the two al-pens, then God said to write Pen, and pens for a thousand years ... constantly letting the power of the Word of Allah Most High and he said;What to write me, God said 'Write' Allah la ilaha illa'Allah Muhammadun 'the Pen was writing this, then it is guided to the knowledge of God in His creation, then he wrote the children of Adam who obey Allah admit him to Gardens and the inclusion of those who disobey Him into hell;

Then (he writes) about the people of Noah, those who obey Allah admit him to Paradise and those who disobey His inclusion into the fire ...

And so on, by saying of prophet Abraham, ... ... prophet Moses, the people of Jesus ..., until the prophet Muhammad, ... then when the Pen to write those who disobey Muhammad will of the people in the Fire, I heard the voice of God the Most High 'O Pen, beradablah, then pecahlah haibah Pen because it taste, ..., then this is followed by a reference to the third part as the Throne, and the fourth part is divided into four of the originally made sense, from the second made ma'rifah, made light of the third the Throne, and light eyes, and a light lunch, so every light is from Nur Muhammad.

Then stated that the fourth was placed under the Throne until God made Adam, He put the light on his back, and made the angels prostrate before him, admit him to Paradise, whereas the angels bersaf behind Adam, saw the light of Muhammad . When Adam Alaihis-bay asking why an angel standing behind bersaf He replied that they are looking at the light of Muhammad, who became her lover dear Prophet and Anbia final. Then Adam asked to be transferred to the next light, then placed on his forehead. But her face was angelic audience. Adam and the transfer request was placed on the index finger so that it can see, it increases it, add to the beautiful light. Then called the light was moved to the Hawwa ', then the prophet Shith, and so on. So light was moved from the sacred womb of the sacred womb of another, until it was to the loins' Abdullah, his father, then he went out into the world through the womb. (P. 3).

Discussions about the sources of the concept of Nur Muhammad:

Among the sources of the concept of Nur Muhammad is about references in the Qur'an and Sunnah.

In the Qur'an there are references to the "light" in the verse which means "Now hath come unto Nur of Allah and a clear Book" (Al Quran 5:15).

About the section on "Tafsir al-Jalalain" by al-Suyuti states that light is the meaning of "Prophet's".

In the "Tafsir al-Qurtubi" stated thus:

Nur has come to you from Allah, the Light, said "Islam", and said: Muhammad from al-Zajjaj. And "book" is said to be the Qur'an.

In the "Tafsir al-Tabari" "Light": has come upon you O people of the Gospel, Nur of Allah, that Muhammad Nur was salla'Llahu 'alaihi wa sallam who disclosed the truth of Islam, and lighted off kesyirikan.

In the "Tafsir ibn Kathir" on this verse (Qur'an 5:15) stated:

Nur has come to you from God and a clear, most high God berekenaan glad to himself that he sent His Messenger with Guidance Muhammad Hidayat and Religious rights for all members of the earth.

With respect to paragraph 119 Surah al-Syu'ara '

And thy movements among those who prostrated

Mujahid said, and Qatadah:(Change you move among those who bow down) is among those who pray. Says Ibn 'Abbas: the loin-loin your fathers (hereditary) Adam, Noah, and Abraham, to remove him as a prophet of Allah (end times). The word 'Ikrimah: Seeing you standing, bowing, prostrating, Ibn' Abbas also believes so.

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